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Commercial Power Washing : How Driveway Pressure Washing Can Help You?

Driveway Pressure Washer

All the dirt brought by the tires of the many vehicles entering and existing your driveway. Driveways have it hard, especially, those that deal with particularly heavy traffic. Other problems driveways are so familiar with are growth of mold and moss, stains and discoloration of concrete.

Cape Coral Pressure Washer is a company based in Cape Coral FL that offers high-quality power washing services. Whether you need something cleaned in your commercial establishment. Now, you want to keep your driveway clean and it’s a good thing. That tells us that you’re a responsible homeowner who loves to keep his house clean and neat. And, since driveways take up a lot of space outside and, it is quite noticeable. It can be part of the first impressions of your house. Although, as much as we want to keep our driveways spotless, it is no mere easy task

Our Driveway Power Washing Services

Mold and moss can also be a troubling dilemma. One main reason why concrete is susceptible to growth is its characteristics. This is because of the texture of the concrete, which helps grow organic elements spread through the concrete. Another aspect of concrete is it being porous. Concrete is dotted with tiny holes, that, despite small, are enough to trap moisture in. The moisture gets locked in the concrete and this is what we call stains– these are hard to remove splotches of dark color.

All of those can really be a pain and, it is likely that you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Not to worry. Introducing, driveway pressure washing services.

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Why Hire Cape Coral Pressure Washer?

Professionals will be the ones who will wash your driveway spotless, getting rid of all the dirt and grime using a pressure washer! There are multiple reasons why you should stick to getting a service:

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• You don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your concrete since the work will be handled by licensed pros!
• It’s time-saving. You can do a lot more while the service can do its job! Plus, there are many people in the service that can effortlessly wash away the dirt on your driveway.
• It’s saves all your money! The service will have their own materials, so you don’t have to get your own pressure washer and cleaning solution!
• It is relatively cheap compared to doing all the work by yourself and buying the materials!

Our Power Washing Protocol

Pressure washing services, generally, works like this:

If the concrete is discolored, services opt for a bleach solution to lighten the color.

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1) They will wash the concrete with water and allow it to dry for a while. Plants, shrubs or any vegetation that surround the driveway should also be wet with water. They also test the surface of the concrete for the compatibility to avoid any problems.

2) Second, they will cover all the stains with absorbent materials– baking soda and saw dust.

3) Now that the driveway is covered with the cleaning solution, it will be left for a while, typically five to seven minutes. To make sure the solution won’t dry up, services divide the driveway into parts.

4) The driveway is completely washed with water after, at high pressure with the plants surrounding the driveway.

If you want to get all these benefits for your driveway, why not go for a pressure washing service? Contact one now!

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